Corporate seals are no longer required


Legal requirements on the mandatory use of seals (regardless of whether business entities hold them or not), necessity of seals applying in relation between business entities and public authorities, as well as provisions on a document annulment (recognition thereof as null or void) if not sealed, they are cancelled.

Also, officials shall be held administratively liable (fine from 50 to 100 non-taxable minimum incomes) for the requirement to have the document submitted to the state or local authority sealed.

The Law "On Amendments to the Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine regarding the Use of Seals by Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs" (Draft No. 4194) was adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on 23 March.

The Law was adopted considering technical and legal amendments, and signed by the President on 14 April 2017. The Law shall become effective after publishing thereof pursuant to the official procedure.

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